Karen Bungar Notary Corporation



Can notaries provide legal advice?

 Yes, we provide legal advice in the following areas: real estate law, property transfers, wills and estate planning, and personal planning. Areas we do not provide legal advice (including but not limited to): family law, corporate law, criminal law, immigration law and any litigation. 

I have a Will and a Power of Attorney I drafted myself, can you notarize/witness it?

It is our policy not to notarize or witness Wills and Powers of Attorney that we did not draft. However, in BC it is not required for a Will to be notarized for it to be valid. You may draft your own Will and have two people over the age of 19 witness the Will as long as they are not a party to it. 

Do you do incorporations?

No, it does not fall within a notary's scope of practice.  You will need to see a lawyer for this. 

A family member just passed away, can you help me with the probate documents?

While notaries are allowed to draft and provide legal advice on Wills, we are unable to assist with the probate process. However, we can notarize any affidavits that may be required as part of the probate application. 

Do you offer immigration services?

No we do not. Our practice in this area is limited to assisting clients who are applying for visitor visas by drafting and witnessing sponsorship/invitation letters. 

Do you notarize/witness separation agreements?

No, you will need to see a lawyer for this service as notaries are unable to practice or provide legal advice in the area of Family Law.